Retail Management System

TMIT retail management machine is a POS is a solution which permits retail organizations to serve customers quickly and efficiently, hence avoiding large queues at the sales counter. This solution makes the activities at the sales counter hassle free and builds a sense of satisfaction among your clients. Retail management machine helps increase the productivity of the staff many folds.

This solution is also customizable to various other programmes like discount management, coupon management, membership management etc.

Integration with the touch screen allows staff to operate effortlessly and concentrate on providing efficient service to your customers.

Pre-entered data enables minimum data entry at the POS and hence efficiency and speed are maintained without compromising on accuracy and security.

Multi-currency management and multiple outlet management make the solution the best of its kind.

Developed using Dot Net technologies, this solution can run on different operating systems. With a web interface, senior management can use this solution to get their business reports from across the globe.

Being extremely flexible and customizable, Retail Management Machine can be used for store management, back office management, chain store management, franchise stores management, supermarket, hypermarkets etc.