Pegasystems Inc. (Pega), the leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software, delivers smart ways to help an organization transform the way they do business. Pega’s software for customer centricity empowers customers to share their expectations and preferences. Meanwhile, business people can capture their goals and objectives, directly into the system. The company’s solutions are dynamically responsive and context-aware, enabling real-time personalization for companies across all channels.

Pega improves operational efficiency and cuts costs through intelligent process automation. Since 1983, Pega has been a pioneer in bringing business rules into BPM technology and is now widely recognized as a leader in the industry. The company’s patented rules technology help companies to aggregate their diverse business practices and lets business managers rapidly implement change across the enterprise and over the Web.

Blue-chip companies in financial services, healthcare, insurance, communications and many other industries, turn to Pega to streamline business processes, to quickly and easily adapt to changing market conditions and to realize significant ROI.

Pega also revolutionizes how leading organizations optimize customer experience and automate operations. The patented Build for Change technology empowers business people to create and evolve their critical business systems. It also empowers IT with a future-proof platform that eliminates manual coding. Global 500 clients report that Pega gives them the fastest time to value, with rapid deployment, efficient re-use and global scale.