This center will form the main hub for offshore delivery. The infrastructure has been designed and procured taking into consideration the focal values of tmit – delivery excellence, data integrity & security, and customer responsiveness.

TmIT GIS group offers solutions/services in the area of GIS / CADD data conversion from:
  • Paper maps/drawings to digital data
  • Imagery data to vector data / GIS data
  • Paper maps to GIS database
  • Various sources of information and compile them to a map or GIS data
  • Paper engineering drawing or GIS Database to publish a map
  • Maps or engineering drawings (old or soiled) that one wishes to archive
  • 2D drawings to create Isometric/3D drawings
  • Training and Performance Management
  • Data, map or engineering drawing on particular software to another software
  • Any kind of service that one would require in the field of GIS/CADD


And much more world-class service can be outsourced to tmit.

Our Experience

tmit has over millions of hours of experience to address any GIS need that you might have.

Our Infrastructure Setup

Dedicated 2 MBPS link, INTEL-CORE-2 DUO-4MB RAM-26GB HDD-21″ LCD Monitors – Networked NT Workstations-D-Size Digitizers, A0-Size scanner, 42″ HP 5000PS Colour Printer and on-line UPS backup, Generator.

Our Team

Our team consists of qualified engineers from various disciplines & postgraduates in Geography & Earth sciences. tmit attributes the success of GIS/CADD 125+ team members, consisting of Project Managers, Process Engineers, Group Leaders, Production team members & Quality Assurance members. With over 100 man-years of map data conversion and project execution experience, tmit is 100% confident of proposing a workable solution to any new client.

Our Work Procedure

tmit has structured and well-documented work procedure to deliver quality work to the customer. As a normal procedure, tmit always does a small sample/pilot job for any new customer as an exercise to understand your needs better and deliver quality output. Project workflows through process engineering department, who will study, understand, estimate and give work instructions and draw up quality plan before the production stage. Quality assurance department will check each output against the quality plan before approving the work to be sent out to the customer.

Our Specialization

tmit specializes in creating cartographic maps and engineering drawings. Whether the output is required in any CAD software or GIS software or Publishing software & with an external/internal database, tmit have a wide variety of exposure and experience to deliver you the quality work of your choice.

Our Solutions

Digitization of maps, engineering drawings, e-governance, pipeline solutions, town planning and taxation, utility (power, gas, water, oil, electricity etc.) distribution and billing, forestry solution etc.
tmit expertise lies in

1) Raster to Vector
2) Lease Plotting

Raster to Vector

This involves the procedure of vectorization of the Plots, Roads, Railroads & creeks from the Raster images. By using a portfolio of software tools comprise Autodesk Map 2009, Raster design 2009 on Map, ArcGIS, Deed Plotter, and INFO Map. The work process involves receiving inputs from the client either in the form of scanned or raster image that would culminate in the form of Autocad drawing, SHP, DBF or SHX file.

Our Expertise

tmit has the high degree of expertise in industry standard GIS/CADD software from ESRI, Bentley, Autodesk & MapInfo, ArcGIS, and publishing software from Adobe, Corel, and Macromedia. tmit support Oracle & SQL database with any of the GIS software of your choice. It is needless to mention that tmit is open to working on any of other GIS/CADD software that you use. In a raster image, each pixel is mapped on a grid. It has a precise location. The resolution of a raster image is measured in dots per inch (DPI). Higher the DPI, better the image quality and larger the file size.

tmit soft GIS group offers solutions/services in the area of GIS / CADD data conversion from:

  • Land Mapping
  • Photogrammetry
  • Second Generation Orthophotography Capabilities
  • Innovative Map Design and Specialized 3-D Modelling
  • Cadastral and Parcel Mapping
  • LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging Services
  • GIS Design and Implementation



  • Project Planning and Management
  • Flight and GCP Planning and Aerial Photo Acquisition
  • Scanning
  • Aero triangulation
  • Topographic and Planimetric Feature Extraction
  • Digital Elevation and Terrain Modelling (DEM, DTM)
  • Map Editing
  • Digital Orthophotography



  • Creation of Land Base Map
  • Creation of Electric Assets network