Civil Engineering

AutoCAD is a comprehensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) program from AutoDesk. Like other CAD software packages, AutoCAD allows designers and technicians – such as Civil engineers – to create detailed, three-dimensional digital models of their work, complete with information about dimensions, materials and the functioning of moving parts. This process can save Civil engineers and small Civil engineering businesses a considerable amount of time and money as compared to traditional prototyping, as well as facilitating communication and testing.

Production engineering is a combination of manufacturing technology, engineering sciences with management science. The goal is to accomplish the production process in the smoothest, most-judicious and most economic way. Production engineering encompasses the application of castings, machining processing, joining processes, metal cutting & tool design, metrology, machine tools, machining systems, automation, jigs and fixtures, die and mold design, material science, the design of automobile parts, and machine designing and manufacturing.